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аренда шатров и оборудования для мероприятий от компании Etent

Types of tents, tents for rent: :

The tents for 25 guests.
The tents for 50 guests.
The tents for 75 guests.
The tents for 100 guests
The tents for 150 guests
The tents for 200 guests

Tent construction of over 250 people.

Wedding tent

Tent to give

Extras. Equipment:

Tables and chairs
Soft and bar furniture
Covers for chairs

Coffee machine

Visiting wardrobe
Decoration tents

Assembled flooring, decking


Rental of tents, tents, outdoor heaters rental, rental tables, rental chairs and other equipment for holiday celebrations

Services Rental of tents, tents for rent in St. Petersburg with each year becomes more popular. Company Etent ready to offer you all the necessary equipment for your event and celebration in the open air. Previously it was thought that rent tents and tarpaulins useful in the warm season, when placed in stuffy rooms simply impossible, when a wedding, birthday, holiday or event becomes a torment. So today, the equipment provided to let the client, provides a comfortable environment for a holiday in awning design at any time of year. Thus you have the possibility to choose the venue of the festival.
Rental of tents, tents, outdoor heaters rental, rental tables, rental chairs and other equipment for holiday celebrations, weddings, presentations, and recreation in the fresh air that's part of services offered by our company. An important factor is that all equipment is in stock and is the property of our company. We do not act as a mediator.
You can easily everything you need to rent and hire. As soon as you call our company «Etent» by phone +7 (812) 999-32-27 you select the tent, awning, and we will deliver, assemble in a short time taken by you to rent equipment. The appearance of tents you can see in the gallery section of the site.
The snow-white tent of a waterproof fabric made by the Austrian company «Expo» protect you from rain and wind, if necessary, will protect from the sun. Leasing gas outdoor heaters create a comfortable temperature inside the tent.
Additional comfort to the guests in the tent will provide a half-floor of lumber, plywood and covered with carpet. Specialists of the company «Etent» according to your wishes will pick the color of carpeting and professionally produce laying on the surface area, where it will set your tent or awning.
In the dark hours of your request, we will offer you to rent lighting. The correct lighting will not only compensate for the lack of sunlight, but also create a festive illumination.
If the venue of the celebrations, weddings, presentations, corporate holiday is not possible to connect to electricity, the company will provide you Etent rent petrol or diesel generator power required.
Rental of furniture, as the rules required if you plan a celebratory banquet. Any celebrations and activities is not complete without a convenient, comfortable furniture. For your celebration, we offer rental armchairs, low-cost affordable chairs and tables. We want to emphasize that we offer for your celebrations different tables for rent. This rectangular size 1,70 x 0,8 m, round cocktail party, also called bar height of 110 cm, and elegant black coffee tables. It is advisable to rent chair covers, which betray a particularly festive appearance to your festive holiday.
In carrying out various activities, which involved a large number of people, we offer the service, rent wardrobe. Car racks, car mirrors, poles, fences are unobtrusive, but important role in ensuring the comfort of guests.
Working with our company Etent, our staff will provide the full range of services on the choice of awnings, tents, tent structures, furniture and other equipment needed for the celebrations, weddings, presentations, or the exhibition.




31.12.09 Company Etent completed a full technical support of the New Year holiday in a private estate. The marquee was installed in a short time, carried out installation of the floor, lighting and heating is provided with the tent. More ....

 26.12.09 in the suburb of St. Petersburg, in a wooded area, our company has installed tents for corporate holiday. Despite the cold weather, inside the tent was warm and dry! More ....

 21.11.09 Company Etent performed by the contractor in the technical support of urban youth festival "Autumn Ball". conducted by order of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs of Saint-Petersburg. By setting up rooms with heating and a wardrobe for the artists. Was organized platten in the scene for holiday parties. More ....

 03.10.09 Our company has installed tents for two participants in the annual event "Day kvadrotsiklista". In the white tents of the samples were located exhibition of machinery and equipment. More ...




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